For sale in the gift shop at the Calhoun County Museum Gift Shop for $21.99.


There is a new book out on Indianola, Texas. It was written by Mr. Curtis Foester and is titled “Camp Indianola and other stories, 1930 to 1950.” We have copies for sale at the Calhoun County Museum for $12.95 + tax.


Camp Indianola and Other Stories, 1930 to 1950 by Curtis Foester

 Because of the Camels by Brenda Blair. Paperback, $16.95

Paperback. $16.95

A fictional account of actual events, this cross-cultural adventure
gives voice to an ensemble of feisty women, Muslim camel men,
African-Americans, immigrant Germans, and colorful Texans, all
brought together by the great American camel experiment.